What’s Your
What’s Your Leadership Profile?
Power - and how successful leaders wield it - is changing. Could you make it as a 21st Century 'new power' leader? Or are you 'old power' through and through? Take this three-minute test to find out.
Let’s start with a few questions that explore your leadership values:
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Now - let’s look at how you lead in practice:
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All done – your result is on its way. While it’s being calculated, let’s discuss what this "leadership compass” is all about.
There’s a new way to be powerful in a world that feels out of control. "New Power" is the ability to harness the energy of the connected crowd to get the outcomes you’re after. Some of the most powerful players in the world today are using new power, for both better and worse: from Donald Trump to Airbnb to the Parkland protestors to terrorist networks and #MeToo.
By understanding new power you can lead and reshape the world around you. This transformation - and what it means for all of us - is explored in a ground-breaking new book called New Power.
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How the Leadership Compass works
The Leadership Compass comes from an acclaimed new book called New Power. The book lays out a different way to exercise power in the 21st century - and explains how leaders can harness new power to achieve their goals.
Mindset Scale
This scale shows how strongly leaders hold a new power mindset. These include valuing collaboration over competition, trusting in the power of crowds to be able to match or even exceed what experts can achieve, and a prefer for informal, networked governance structures over formal ones.
Methods Scale
This measures how much leaders use new power methods to lead. A new power method is one that harnesses the energy of the connected crowd.
participation scale
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Before you go: if you’ve found this quiz interesting and want to read more, check out the book the leadership compass came from, New Power: